Diversifying Your Group

“How do I help my group become more diverse?”

“How do I reach out to people of color?”

“We try to invite more people to our meetings but they don’t ever come! What are we doing wrong?!”

These are just some of the many statements and questions I hear from various people who want to make their local babywearing group inclusive. The funny thing about these questions is the fact that these groups have done NOTHING to make their groups inclusive before asking. Not even a single google search.

Well, here is something you should bookmark if your goal is diversifying your babywearing group.

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Wearing in Pajamas


One of the most common comments I see in babywearing groups on pictures of kids being worn in footie pajamas is “You’re not supposed to do that! You’re hurting your baby’s feet!”

Well that’s not exactly true. You CAN wear your baby in footie pajamas. Here are a few tips to make you successful in this endeavor.

  1. Size up the pajamas if you can.
  2. Make sure that there’s extra room in the foot area before you start the carry. This is achieved by pulling the fabric at the feet.
  3. Make sure the toes are not bunched in the foot area once settled into the carrier.

When the pajamas don’t have enough extra room, not only will it make things more uncomfortable for the wearee, the wearer may have difficulty getting a good seat when wrapping or using a ring sling. When I tried this out, I could not get the fabric in the back of the knee to form the seat. I could only get the fabric as far as the pajamas let me.

If the footie pajamas are snug on the child’s feet when in sitting position before putting them into the carrier, I’d skip wearing in those pajamas. Who am I kidding–I’d probably cut the feet off of the pajamas so we could use them longer!

Happy Babywearing!