Finally! I See It!

I have matured so much and tonight I finally saw it.
First, a coworker kept pushing me out of her way rather than saying excuse me. I asked her nicely to stop, she said make me. So then I was standing in the food window working on a tray for it to go out and when I was done, I was waiting for the other server to come back with one last thing for the tray and she yells “why don’t you run the fucking food rather than sit there and stare at it like a retard.” A different server then came around the corner and said “Brittany is working on the tray, they are waiting on one last thing, stop being rude.” Then I was getting something for a table. I walk in the kitchen, grab what I need, and leave it where I found it because they were cleaning where it was. I didn’t want them to not know where the apple butter went! So when I left it there the same coworker said “put it back where you found it, I know you didn’t find it there!!!!” I said actually I did, which is why it is still sitting there. she replied (really for real this is what she said) “you are so fucking stupid.” I don’t understand why I’m stupid for leaving it where I found it when she is the one who put it there. I immediately went to the manager and told him what she said, and I told him I was angry about it but did not say anything back to her.
That is where I saw it. I didn’t say anything back to her when I had every reason in the book to clock her upside her head. She was so rude and nasty about everything tonight, I really don’t understand why she still has a job. But I didn’t retaliate and I don’t plan on retaliating against her. That’s pretty childish. It made me really really angry but hey, oh well. I know how to handle myself at work. I’m mature and take care of the guests. I help out when needed. And since I’m not trying to catch any charges, I deal with what the little girls say at work and rise above it all.

What do you think?

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