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Too Little, Too Big

My weight ranged between 100 and 115 pounds the entire time I was in high school. I was a size zero-one. I got teased, picked on, and bullied for being so tiny. “why are you so bony?” and “you have chicken legs” were things I constantly heard and it hurt more and more every time I heard it. I’d cry all the time because I felt as if I looked terrible. I mean what is a teenager to think if that is all she hears?

Now it is six years later and I have gained 130 pounds due to stress, severe depression, and a bad back from a car accident I was in when I was 16. I still get ridiculed constantly. You would think it ends when we are all adults but it just gets worse. The snide remarks at work and the words out of the mouths of people who I thought were friends make it hard to get through each day. I hear people talking about me even though they don’t think I can hear them. It hurts. I’m not a whale. I don’t even look as overweight as I am. It is difficult getting through each day knowing that someone else is going to have something to say.

Who cares if I have back fat? Who cares if I was super skinny? What matters is what is on the inside. I have a heart of pure gold. I’m always trying to make others feel better. I always try to put others above myself. Why shouldn’t I?

Why shouldn’t YOU? get out there, try to make someone smile, not cry. No matter what age you are, words hurt.

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