I’ve Become a Loner

Not by choice.


When I call or text people either they don’t answer or don’t respond.



I’m fine on my lonesome!



Mom and Daddy enjoy all of my extra company.



2 thoughts on “I’ve Become a Loner”

  1. Yes, my dear you may be all alone. However, you are not a loner and never will be. You are merely a lonely fool.
    You want to know how i know, because i am a loner, and loners don’t say that. Your mother and father would be bunched with the rest of the people whom you consider yourself loosely associated with. You should find new friends that will talk to you, and leave this business alone.


    1. Hi Miss(or Mr) Ash! Despite what you believe, I am not a fool. Not all loners are the same, just like no two people are the same. Since this post in January, I have made some changes with who I associate with, but I have not made any new friends. It is not easy to just go find friends. Maybe you should take your own advice? I’m sure you could “find some new friends” and “leave this business alone” as you suggested for me.

      Even though your comment was rude, I am happy for your input on this post. Thank you and I hope to hear from you again!


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