One of Those Days

Today I am having one of those don’t-wanna-move-off-the-couch-hate-myself-hate-my-life-i’m-pathetic days…well…weeks! I am trying to figure out what put me in this funk. All I have been doing is sleeping. I did go to my first class yesterday but just felt so down that I could not go to my other two classes so I went home and slept. I’ve tried doing homework…fail. I tried picking up my guitar to practice that some…fail. I tried reading MY FAVORITE THING TO DO…fail. Sigh. I just need to be cuddled.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just go back to the doctor and get back on my medication for bipolar disorder. I really can’t take my down days. I welcome my manic days with open arms…minus the no sleep part…but I can’t tolerate these depressed days anymore.

I need to be on a beach somewhere trying to relax.

3 thoughts on “One of Those Days”

  1. I know those feelings all to well. And of course nothing anyone says can make it any better either. =/ I was having one of those days yesterday and it is still kind of lingering…

    My psych put me on Zoloft for now. Its only been a week…but I have high hopes. We’re good people. We don’t deserve to feel the way we do on our bad days.

    Just know I love you.


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