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It is now that part of the school year where everything is due and finals are coming quickly!!

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Zumba-I’m doing great with everything in that class…except for attendance. That is a problem in every class though this semester. My fibromyalgia pain has had me down and out a lot. Even as I type this I have pain in my arms and hands. Bad pain. I am making up some classes though. I will be going to Ms. Dee’s night classes to make up for the absences I have thus far. I can handle zumba twice a day. I am determined to make up these points!!!

Business Statistics-Well I bombed the second test…kinda on purpose. He throws out one test grade and I picked the one I wanted thrown out. Everything else in this class is easy and Jack Goodwin is a fun fun FUN teacher!

Calculus-Lordy Lordy I hate this class. The teacher is behind so now she is pushing everything to be done too fast. We have one test left before the final according to the syllabus. Lets just say, I am glad she throws out the lowest test grade if you take the final. The other day she had the nerve to tell us we should understand a new thing in calculus because it was common sense. You do NOT tell a student that!!! Luckily, I have my super smart sister LaVonda to tutor me in this class. She tutors me via Skype from Atlanta. I would definitely be failing calculus if not for my sister. She definitely needs to teach the class part time at a community college for sure.

Those three classes are face-to-face…I have two online classes as well.

Western Culture II-This is an awesome class. We post on the discussion board…well I just read it and take the docked points…and we write papers. So far this semester I have received 100% on all three papers. We have two more left and then a final exam. Last semester when I took the first part of this exam it only took me an hour and a half to do all four discussion questions for the final and I aced it! Hopefully it is like that again this semester.

Economics-Well this class is cake. Simple as pie. Write a few papers, take two tests, and done! Easy as that. I just have to finish up the course. I will probably do that soon.

I’m sure my brain will explode by the end of the semester. Crunch time stresses me out! It is just a lot of work in a two week span. Finals are over April 28th though!!

3 thoughts on “School”

  1. I know you’ve got the end of this semester. You are smart and strong willed. I know you’ll get through all your courses. And I’m glad your sister is there to help you out with Calc. I wish I could help you…but its been 5 years since I took it and I want you to do your very best.

    You’re going to do great things booface.<3 I believe in you and I know you are a hard and determined worker.

    One of the many reasons I love you best friend!


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