Today at work…

… one of my tables had a pancake missing (they got two instead of three.) The coworker of mine who ran the food out told the table that I rang the meal in wrong and then pulled me to the the table as I was walking by with a heavy tray of plates to tell me that I rang the meal in wrong.

She was like “Brittany you rang in the 2 pancake mama’s pancakes, not the three” I told her “This is rang in correctly, I will go get the other pancake.”

She’s been working there longer than me, shouldnt she know that the mama’s cakes comes with three pancakes and that the grandma’s and sp pancakes comes with 2?????? SHIT.

I was LIVID. BEYOND LIVID. I wanted to beat the living shit out of her.


1. who DOES that? do you really hate me that much? so much that you want to make sure that I get a $0 tip? I DO WORK ON TIPS BITCH YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU ARE A SERVER AS WELL.

2. instead of telling a blatant LIE about me TO me in front of the table, how about doing the professional thing and letting the kitchen know they shorted the plate one pancake and take it out. Is it that hard? That’s what I did!!


I had to have the manager go out to try to smooth things over. He told the table that I did, in fact, ring the order in correctly and that the other server was out of line to say that.



I definitely HATE some of my coworkers…especially when they destroy my tip.



ESPECIALLY  that one bitch.

2 thoughts on “Today at work…”

    1. I used to be the one that would cuss a bitch out….then I grew up lol!! I have learned to contain my anger at work because it is not worth losing my job over. This person thinks they are entitled to anything and is always bitching and complaining about how much they hate working at CB. I wish they would just get fired. they overflows with negativity. they got mad at someone today because the girl were standing in their way but the thing is she didnt even know she was in the person’s way because the person didnt even say excuse me! it is ridiculous.


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