A Decision

So before I left for my honeymoon, the schedule for the month of June at OneLife was finalized. I wrote down my schedule before I left so I would know what days I came in when I got back. I had morning shifts and night shifts for all but one day that I worked for the month. The other day I texted my boss (like she says to do for questions) and asked her what time the KidsClub opened because I had my first morning shift Thursday (today). She replied back, oh no, you only work the pm. Excuse me?!? That means that she took me off of the day shift and put her in my place for hours since she was the other person that wanted to work my shift. I heard that she did that but wow, she just took my shift. Today when I go in, I am going to check all of the shifts that I was scheduled in the “final” June schedule before I left against this apparently new schedule. If this is the case in more than today’s shift, I am clocking out and leaving. I don’t need that job anyway. I will just work more at CB again.

But seriously? What manager takes the shift of an employee just because they want the hours??

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