Family, words

To The End. RIP Auntie.

RIP Antoinette Underwood

I will miss you tremendously Aunt Smack. You were always there when we needed you, right around the corner…literally! I’ll remember all the times we slept over at your house. I’ll remember the thousands of times that we went to your house for a little while to play, then begging to stay for “a little while” longer, which always meant thirty minutes. I’ll remember the time that you cooked breakfast for us and the eggs were green. I’ll remember the day that we ALL went to Busch Gardens as a family and the fun our family all had together.

I will remember the most, your smile. It was infectious. It was impossible to not smile back at you.

You fought the brain cancer hard these past few years. I’m happy that you are no longer suffering.

I just wish that I could stop crying now…

What do you think?

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