On Thursday, I was given the amazing opportunity of video chatting with Jordy Nelson, wide receiver from the Green Bay Packers.  It was an unforgettable experience and I will never forget it! I am forever grateful for being selected. Jordy is a great guy and he definitely is down to earth.

April, Casey, Kyle, and Rachel were the other participants.

Credit to Rachel for this screen grab!

Here is a list of the questions that we asked:

April:  How  often  do  you  get  to  visit  your  farm  in  Kansas?
o Me: Do  you  want  your  son  Royal  to  play  sports  when  he  is  old  enough?  If  so,  which
Casey: You  always  hear  it  is  harder  to  focus  in  away  games  -­‐-­‐  do  you  find  yourself  in  that
situation?  It  always  looks  like  you  are  on  top  of  everything.
Kyle: What  role  does  your  faith  play  in  your  life,  on  and  off  the  field?
Rachel: Why  did  you  decide  to  join  Twitter  and  do  you  think  you’ll  keep  tweeting?
April:  What  do  you  think  is  your  biggest  accomplishment  and  what  is  the  #1  goal  you
would  like  to  accomplish  before  you  retire  from  football?
Me: What  was  the  best  advice  you  were  ever  given?
Casey:  Do  you  listen  to  music  to  pump  you  up  on  game  day,  and  if  so,  what  kind?
Kyle: What  are  some  of  your  talents  that  most  people  might  not  know  about?
Rachel:What’s  the  best  locker  room  prank  you’ve  seen  and  have  you  ever  pranked  a
There were other questions that were asked as well but these were the main ones. I enjoyed the answers to all of his questions and I am slightly embarrassed that he heard me completely fangirling (is that a word?) out!!  After we finished the hangout he was still listening in and even answered a question that I forgot to ask while we were live!!
I am forever grateful to the Green Bay Packers for this and also to Jordy Nelson for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us! And very special thanks to Duke, who set the whole thing up. I made some amazing new friends from this hangout and I hope to meet them at Lambeau one day!

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