Working While Ill

As many of you know, I have the flu. The flu season has hit earlier than normal and I must tell you, this is one nasty bug!


I am one of a few who have had the flu at work recently. The main person infecting everyone, is the person who came to work while still sick.


I understand that you need the money.
I understand that calling out is frowned upon.
I understand that you think you feel ok enough to work.


I have gone to work sick, that was because my job was threatened and this was when I had no health insurance. I went to work, and sat in a corner away from everyone the entire shift.


Employers need to stop threatening their employees.
Employers need to stop forcing their sick employees to work.
Employers need to encourage sick employees to stay home.

The only thing having a sick employee at work does is infect others.



This is why I am sick.

2 thoughts on “Working While Ill”

  1. My boyfriend was sick recently. Not with the flu, but with a bad cold that is going around. It makes you really weak and dizzy and you can’t really do anything. Everyone in my house got it.

    So, last week my boyfriend had to call off work. They let him, but I guess they weren’t happy. I honestly don’t see why it is a big deal to call off work when you are sick. A person shouldn’t be forced to work when they are sick and I know in Pennsylvania it’s actually against the law to make employees work while sick. Places don’t care, of course, and still try to get away with doing so.

    It just annoys me that places to do that. It also in general just annoys me how some places treat their employees, but I won’t start on that right now lol


    1. Last night when I called off, the first thing I said was “I have a note” so they wouldn’t try to make me go in today. Employers can be quite horrible.


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