The Ambassadors, The Hunts, and The Dahus at The Norva

Saturday night, I had the pleasure of going to yet another SOLD OUT 96X event. This was my first time attending a sold out event at The Norva in Norfolk. The Norva has quickly become my favorite concert venue in Hampton Roads. Overall I was impressed with the performing and with the atmosphere. I stood next to the stage.

The Hunts

The Hunts are an indie folk band from Chesapeake, VA. They are seven brothers and sisters (five boys and twin girls!) who are incredibly talented. They do missions work and told us of their travel to Haiti this past summer. They hope to return next summer as well. Their set was incredibly organized and they even had (who I assume was) their dad join them on stage for a few songs. The vocals were what I was most impressed by. It is hard to believe that such an amazing and beautiful sound came from them!  They seemed to love their work  just as much as they love each other. My favorite song that they performed was “We Were Young.”  They definitely have a new fan. They will be headlining places soon, I just know it!

You can buy their new album, “We Were Young” on iTunes.


The Dahus

The Dahus are an indie rock duo from Norfolk, VA. Larry and Drew met at a party and started making music soon after that. Larry plays the guitar and does vocals, while Drew plays the drums. Drew is also the drummer for The Fighting Jamesons. I have listened to some of this band’s music before online and while impressed with what I heard, it did not translate well to the stage. They seemed unprepared and ran into many technical difficulties. According to The Norva, both had been very sick the past few days. I’m sure that this explains their (I am sure) uncommon difficulties. I think that they should have been the first performers, rather than second. Despite the flaws and cringe-worthy vocals, Their musical abilities impressed me. Larry is a great guitarist and Drew BLEW ME AWAY on drums. I would love to see them again. I also had the pleasure of standing next to Drew’s mom during the set. She was very nice. I am hoping that last night’s performance was a fluke because their songs on Sound Cloud are great!

You can listen to their music on SoundCloud.



AMBASSADORS are from Brooklyn, NY. There is no one genre to describe them! They play music that is drawn from many different genres that is fun to dance to. This was their first time headlining at The Norva and the show sold out! That is impressive in itself, but  the show was so big for this band, that their manager and agent decided to LEAVE an important obligation in New York City to come see the show. The last time they came to town with The Lumineers, I was out of town and could not attend. I was so sad because they have quickly become one of my favorite bands that 96X plays. When they announced this show, I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale. When they finally graced the stage, the crowd erupted! They are incredible live performers. My favorite song of theirs is “Litost.” It was incredible to hear the crowd sing along with them as they performed.  They played some new tracks as well and I can honestly say that this is the first time that I was not upset when a band played new music at a concert. I can’t wait to hear these new tracks on 96X. According to their Twitter, they will be back in town on March 6th to play the Jewish Mother. Hopefully I will be able to make this performance!  There is no doubt in my mind that their manager was thoroughly impressed with this performance. Norfolk LOVES Ambassadors and I am sure that they feel the same.

You can listen to their music on Band Camp.


1 thought on “The Ambassadors, The Hunts, and The Dahus at The Norva”

  1. I love the photos and memories this post inspired in me.. I used to live in Norfolk, VA and I absolutely loved going to shows at the Norva! The first show I went to there was Shinedown.. And although they’re not my favorite band, the show was awesome. I never was able to see any of the local bands there, even though I tried to. But, I remember the indie rock shows that would be performed down at the Chesapeake bay and I remember the talent the locals had, they’re what got me even listening to indie rock in the first place! :)


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