I just can’t with people.

All the time I hear, “you rely on tips for your salary? You need a new job.”


I’m so sick of that and similar comments. At least I HAVE a job.


I know that being a waitress is not a glamorous job, and I know that being a waitress is not anyone’s first choice of job.

But at least I have one.


That is much more than many can say.


I bust my ass at work in order to make money. I have to work harder than most people I know. It’s not the cushy desk job that I want. That is what I am in college for. That’s right, I am actually in college. I’m not a high school dropout like most of the people suggest.  I’m working my way through college. I have bills that I pay.

People think servers make SO MUCH money. That is not always the case. If it is slow, we don’t make that much money. When it is busy, we still sometimes don’t make that much money. In this state servers make $2.13 an hour. Sometimes more but that is rare.


When someone doesn’t tip because they “don’t get tipped to do [their] job” all I can do it get angry. I mean it is a different field than theirs, I’m sure. It is not the same.


I work really hard to make sure your orders are correct, that your drinks are filled, that you have napkins, ketchup, hot sauce, whatever you need. Is it really that hard to just say “thank you” sometimes?

Also, you should tip for togo as well. I don’t see you back there bagging your own food.


Also, WE DON’T SPIT IN YOUR FOOD…even if you ARE a raging bitch. That movie “Waiting” is not real!


And really, if all waiters and waitresses got a new job like these arrogant assholes suggest, there would be no one to take care of you when you go out to eat.


I’m sorry this is so jumbled. Clearly something was bothering me and I had to get it off of my chest.



“Refusing to tip because you disagree with the “institution” of tipping, even though your server’s livelihood relies on it? How very principled of you. Way to stick it to the man.”

6 thoughts on “I just can’t with people.”

  1. Agreed; I’ve never worked as a server, but I hold you and your colleagues in high regard, for you guys have one of the hardest jobs out there, along with people in retail.

    You guys deal with a lot: low wages, assholes who come in and get pissy for no reason, little to no tips, and much more.

    Best of luck to you, and keep up the hard work. The hard work you and others do make outsiders like me appreciate the work you do!


    1. You’re welcome!! It IS hard. I have learned that I have an incredible amount of patience at work. I’ve been yelled at, called names, had stuff thrown at me, and grabbed (which is the worst…don’t touch your server!!)


    1. yep. the base pay is unbelievable. Yesterday I busted my already-in-maternity-pants butt and got stiffed by a couple tables. I already wasn’t feeling 100% thanks to little speck taking all my energy so I made less than I should’ve.

      thank you again!! <3


      1. I don’t know if you’re doing this already, but I am all in favor of you flaunting your belly bump to enhance tips lol. Even though it really shouldn’t require that for someone to be decent enough to tip their server, but it might work!


        1. haha, as soon as I have an obvious one, I will!! So far, my regular pants don’t button so I let the cat out of the bag at work and bought maternity pants because I was not about to be even more uncomfortable than I already am. Some of my regulars already know and they are SO excited. I’m gonna work up until I can’t anymore or give birth, whichever happens first haha.


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