A New Hobby

So I need a hobby.  The only hobby I really have is reading, and I want to find a second hobby. I’ve decided that I want to start to crochet. So far I got a book with a bunch of hooks, and two spools of yarn. I have been watching videos on YouTube on crocheting and so far the only ones that help me try to learn are the ones from Donna Wolfe. This makes is easy for me to understand, though I am far from getting the hang of it! Hopefully this will turn out to be something that I can stick to, and something that I grow to love.


Right now, my goal is to complete a simple potholder. Eventually I hope to be able to make hats, mittens, and even sweaters and cardigans!


Here’s to a new hobby!!!




4 thoughts on “A New Hobby”

    1. haha nooooo! I don’t like them! my kid will be in some regular ol socks! if someone gifts them to me, that will be fine, but if I can help it, no booties!


  1. I’ve never tried to crochet before. Have fun doing it :)

    And hey, if you’re on facebook, you can enter to win a Dreamcatcher from my store. Here is the page with details in case you are interested:


  2. My husband just learned to crotchet. He learned initially from my sister the supplemented with videos. You should check your local craft store and see if they offer classes, it might be easier to learn live rather than from a video. Good luck, can’t wait to see what you make!


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