I have never understood the big deal with turning 21. People have these huge countdowns leading up to their birthday…they have huge parties…they get drunk to the point of not remembering the night JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.


When I turned 21, I wasn’t excited. For me, it was just another birthday. I celebrated a couple of days after with Marvin, because since our birthdays are a few days apart, we always celebrate them together. I actually babysat Garrett and Lauren on my birthday that year. I had a blast with them. I miss those kiddos!  I got cards from some family members that day too.


I have never been the “party girl” or one to go hang out just because. There is always a reason. ALWAYS.


Seeing everyone turn 21 and finally feel like an adult makes me wonder what they have been doing since they turned 18. I mean, that is when you are legally an adult right?




I am happy that I didn’t go all out for my 21st birthday.


Everyone be safe ANYTIME you go out to drink. Drinking and driving leads to death. I know this first hand.

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