Public Speaking

Public speaking is something I have an incredibly hard time with. If I never had to get up and talk in front of other adults, I wouldn’t!

Public speaking has been challenging for me this semester because I have been working on getting over this fear, not stuttering and slowing down when I talk.

Today, I presented my speech “How-To Make a Tie Blanket” and it went very well!! The teacher emails us after every speech. This is what she said today


You always do such a great job with your speeches.  You remind me of a gifted story-teller.  I think that this is because you pick topics that you know a great deal about and care a great deal about…keep doing this.
You had an excellent sense of credibility and you did a great job previewing your main points.
This was a really fun topic and I don’t think people realized they could make a blanket with a few easy steps.  I heard all of your transitions and they helped guide people through the topic.  I felt like I was in a class with you teaching. This was perfect.
The power point slides added to your topic.  People could see what was going on, step by step.  This helped them gain an understanding of the process.
Your eye contact continues to improve.  You are excelling in this area.  Continue to focus on topics that you enjoy and have visual aids….it made your speech soar.  GREAT WORK.


This made me feel wonderful!!! I am very confident for my next speech now.

It is the hardest speech and it is worth 20% of our grade.

It is our persuasive speech. I think that I may either persuade people that pizza is the most amazing and versatile food ever, OR I may persuade people that Disney World is the best place to take a vacation, no matter what your age.

I am not going to do a controversial topic. I want to have fun with this last speech!

Hopefully I will get an “A” on the persuasive speech. Wish me luck!

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