Baby Registry

Recently, I have started thinking about what I will need for Baby Marsh.

I know I will need diapers and clothes.

It is everything else that has me wondering.

It is kind of overwhelming really.


What do I need? What DON’T I need? What will make some things easier? What kind of car seat? Do I register at one place? Do I register at multiple places?




This is where you all come in.


What are the essentials for a baby registry?

What have you other moms and dads received for baby that has made your life easier?

What can’t you live without for the baby?

What is something you got that was just not needed?




This is overwhelming, and I would love all the help I can get!



10 thoughts on “Baby Registry”

  1. Diaper bag, crib, and car seat. The diaper bag is most affordable and you will need it all the time- it was one of my favorite things to receive.


    1. I definitely need to start looking at cribs. That will have to be one of our first purchases. That will probably be one of the most expensive!


  2. Do get these:
    -Boppy pillow & a few slipcover. Even if you don’t breastfeed, the boppy is great for holding the baby during feedings & other times because it keeps your arms from getting tired. I’m SO glad I got one because when I had that unexpected c-section, the boppy helped me to hold Max without pain & made feeding him so much easier. I say get a few slipcovers because accidents happen.

    -a cooler bag to keep breast milk or formula cold. Prepared formula is good for 24 hours refrigerated.

    -a good diaper bag with lots of compartments.

    -a bottle brush & nipple cleaner. Even if you breastfeed, you will express milk for bottle feeding or storage. I’m cleaning several times a day.

    -a baby grooming set (hairbrush, comb, nail clippers & filers).

    -a baby medicine dispenser kit (don’t wait for the baby to get sick to get one. Also if they don’t come with a nasal aspirator bulb, buy one. The hospital MIGHT give you one but it’s great to have on hand. Every hospital is different. Mine gave me the bulb & a thermometer for under the arm. The best one for babies is a rectal thermometer so get that & some lubricant. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt the baby. For some reason they don’t mind it actually! Lmao!!)

    -receiving blankets & swaddle blankets. You will never have too many!!! I use them for everything. Try to buy the summer ones now while it’s warming up. They aren’t as heavy as traditional blankets, which is good when you need to lightly cover the baby. Gerber makes good ones. The swaddlers are awesome for when you don’t want to do baby origami (as we call it! Lol)

    -a few sleep sacks (also called sleep gowns). These are for when the baby is too big for the swaddle. They started making these to combat SIDS. They eliminate the use of blankets & these are epic because they are sized for 0-9 months.

    -hats, socks & scratch mitts. Again you can’t have too many of these.

    -baby bathing supplies including a baby tub. Babies are very frisky & slippery in the water. Plus if he/she cries, you don’t want them to slide too much. Hooded towels are a must.

    -a playpen (they call the pack n’ plays now). They have a napper that snaps on the top for newborns which came in handy for me since I can’t bend & lift too good right now. Graco is a great brand.

    -a dual sided crib mattress. The firm side is for infants & the softer side is for toddlers. This will save you money if you get a crib that turns into a youth bed.

    -get the books “what to expect when you’re expecting” & “what to expect the first year” by Heidi murkoff. They helped so much! The doctor gave us those books & saved our sanity.

    If you plan on Breastfeeding:

    -breast pads. I use disposable & reusable.

    -Breastmilk storage bags for when you’re ready to store it in the freezer.

    -a manual pump & an electric pump. The manual pump is good for when you don’t have power or if you’re away from home. A dual electric pump is great for expressing milk. Keep in mind that you may need to buy different sized flanges depending on your breast size. This is very important because if they’re too big or too small, you can hurt yourself & not express milk properly. The parts are affordable, as are the pumps. The Evenflo dual electric pump I got was only about $60 something in Walmart. The Medela harmony pump I have is about $50 but I got it for free in the hospital when I asked for a pump to express milk. And some insurances cover breast pumps now so look into it. The WIC offices help with those too. I strongly suggest buying pumps versus renting. By the time you’re done renting, you could have bought two.

    – get storage bottles to store milk in the fridge so you don’t use up bags. That’s only for milk that’ll be used within a week. I do that for milk I express for Stu or mom to give Max when I’m asleep or not home. I also do that for nighttime feedings so we can feed & get back to sleep faster & so I can pump at night when it’s too sore for Max to latch on. (Btw, don’t store more than one feeding at a time. You waste milk that way. Right now, I store 2 ounces at a time. You can always warm up more than one serving but I probably won’t go above 4 ounces when Max starts to eat more simply because of the waste factor).

    -lanolin cream for your nipples. It’s safe to use as needed & you don’t need to wash it off before feeding. It’s also good to put a thin layer on before pumping until you get used to it. I like & use both lansinoh & Medela creams.

    -playtex bottles with the drop in liners will be great when the baby is older & eating more. Right now I use the storage bottles because they’re the size of one feeding & have a nipple attachment but I have the bottles & liners lined up for when his feedings go up.

    Skip these:
    – bottle warmers. These are a huge waste! They are often brand specific & caused burns & messed up bottles. Warming the bottles in a bowl of warm water is better & safer. Don’t use the microwave either!!! Wipe warmers sounded good to me until I found out they dried up wipes so I took it off.

    – sleep positioners. They increase the risk of SIDS.

    -toys. Let people gift these for a few months. Right now the baby is sleeping alot so it’s a waste. The only you I put down & got were rattles because those ate great for developing eye coordination & getting the baby to react to sound.

    -bumper pads & other soft things for the crib. They aren’t recommended until the baby is one. This is why you get the swaddles & sleep sacks.

    -newborn clothes. Now you will need a few newborn onesies but don’t go overboard on the outfits. Chances are if your kid is like mine, they will be too small. I’m glad those were gifts!! We’re donating them. Start with 0-3 months if possible. It’s ok if the clothes are a little big. The shirts they put on max in the hospital were sized 6 months! I waited until max was born then we got a few onesies & outfits.

    As for where to register, it depends. I picked babies r us because they’re one of the best stores & they have a rewards program & good sales. I also did target because that store is everywhere & their baby department is awesome & more affordable.


  3. Diaper trash bags. The scented ones. You WILL want those, as well as a sealed garbage can. Because you will not have the energy to take the trash out every time the baby has a stinky diaper. Those things are lifesavers.

    Also. PLEASE let me know once you have a registry. :)


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