Thinks and Thoughts

I think that I don’t get out enough.

I think I need to want to go out in the first place.

When I do want to go out, I can’t.

This leads to me not wanting to go out at all.

Then I get depressed all over again.

I don’t get invited out.

I try to make plans, but of course they fall through.



There are times that I just want to be done with everything.

Then I look down and see that I do finally have something worth living for.

But then I wonder if I will be just a huge letdown.

I highly doubt I will be as great a mom as everyone else thinks I will be.

I mean, I’m not a great wife.

Well he says I am, but I don’t think I am.



School is going great.

If I had more money, I would go take the Praxis.

That is too expensive for me right now.

Should I just start going to the center for major exploration?

I want to be a teacher, but I really don’t know what I want to do anymore.

I wish I could just enrich lives without this degree.

School costs so much.

Higher education needs to be free.




We really need a second vehicle.

We can’t afford a second vehicle.

Well, we can, but the payment would have to be pretty low each month.

I can’t fit a baby in my truck.

Shoot, right now, my belly and me can barely get behind the wheel comfortably.

My belly is only going to get huger!



These are my thinks and thoughts as of late.

I seriously wish that I could do more to make myself feel better.

Right now all I can do is just be the happiest that I can force myself to be.

That’s not too happy, but it’s something.









4 thoughts on “Thinks and Thoughts”

  1. First off- thanks for following me on Bloglovin’ and I’m following you back. I love the honesty of your blog. Second- happy wishes to you & hubby on your pregnancy! Third- what the bizness is this post about lil mama? Lol! Just know this, whenever you feel like crap, there’s always a bright light somewhere. This baby is your bright light. Once you hold him/her, everything changes. And I’m not one of those sensitive, mushy chicks either, so mark my words. Shit (excuse my language) gets better! :)


    1. haha, thanks! I was feeling down, so I got the emotions out, and felt better afterward.

      Thanks for following!


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