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Trust Me, I Know.

You know, people really seem to think I am completely ignorant to babies.


“Oh you wait, babies are no cakewalk”   “Beware! You will get to deal with explosive diarrhea!”




I am not ignorant to kids.

In the past decade, I have been pooped on, peed on, sneezed on, puked on (in the face among other things,) coughed on, snotted on, bit, scratched, punched, smacked, EVERYTHING. I’ve seen the most disgusting diapers in life. I’ve seen a kid poop out of their diaper up to their neck.

All this from kids who are NOT mine.

I know what to expect, and I know that there are things that no unwanted story will prepare me for.


The only thing more annoying to me than the people who think that I have no clue what babies even are, are the people who tell me how I should raise my unborn child!


People, I will do what I want, when I want.


If I need advice, I have two moms and two dads, aunts and uncles, plus a sister who have all raised kids who I can turn to.


Unless I ask for advice on anything else (such as what things were amazing for you that you swear by on your baby registry,) consider your advice UNSOLICITED.

6 thoughts on “Trust Me, I Know.”

  1. Girl, everyone will start telling you their “expert advice”. Don’t discount all of it though. You’ll be able to tell the difference between those who want to be helpful & the condescending know it alls.

    My grandma has issues going back years according to mom & she was so mean when I was pregnant. When I stayed with get during hurricane sandy & I was eating, she had something to say Everytime!!!! She said if she ate as much as me, she would be sick & I ate like that before I was pregnant. Then when she said I’d gain too much weight & I told her I was in fact LOSING weight, she said “WELL it can go up!”. It got so bad, my mom had to tell her off.

    Keep this Bruce Lee quote in mind: keep what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own. Every baby is different & no one can tell you how to raise yours. Even books are just generic how to guides (which are still helpful, don’t get me wrong. You still have to find your way). For Max, sometimes he can’t sleep unless I’m right there but co-sleeping is hard to do safely at times. If he wants to sleep with me, I put him on Stu’s side of the bed, which is on the wall & I make sure to sleep on my side. Or I lay in the recliner. Some people are anti co-sleeping & that’s fine too. As long as your kid(s) are taken care of & healthy, your methods are fine. :)


    1. mina, all of the advice I have received so far has been unsolicited condescending “you know nothing” advice. meh. I know that Marv and I will be the deciding factor on everything.


  2. I hear you! Do you! The “elders” in my family drove me crazy with that nonsense, but at the end of the day, it was me.., by myself.., every night.., taking care of my daughter. No one can fully prepare you for that ‘one on one’ time you have with your child. I’m glad you spoke up. Good job!


  3. People like that piss me off. They’re the same people who tell me that once I have kids, all the ideals and opinions I hold will abruptly change.


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