Registry is Complete!

Today Marvin and I went ahead and did our baby registries at Target and at Babies R Us. The theme is Ladybugs for Miss Maxine!

Hopefully we will get some of the stuff on our registries!! I’m not quite sure when I will be having a baby shower, and I’m not even sure that anyone is planning it yet. I’m still completely lost on that!!

I can’t wait until Maxine is here!!

19 weeks!

2 thoughts on “Registry is Complete!”

  1. You look so cute I have added myself to every blog spot my friends are going to so I can read and keep up so it may hit and miss a little depending on how I feel the old fibro has been crazy this week so I have not been at the computer as much What I am thinking I will do so everyone does not have to chase me around I will write a main blog and post it to everyone in all three places so it will be easier for you guys and wow you are going to be one busy girl soon


    1. Yeah, I understand the fibro. I’ve been dealing with it all through this pregnancy as well! Glad to hear from you! I’ll add your blog to my bloglovin feed.


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