Agree to Disagree

So I often have conversations online with one of my Facebook friends that I know through Xanga. I subscribed to him first, then eventually just friended him. I enjoy talking to him most of the time. He is deeply religious…no, he is a Christian, he said he has no religion…and I am atheist.


Today we had a conversation about Planned Parenthood (PP.) I love the things PP does for everyone, especially since they were so helpful for me when I didn’t have health insurance. Soon, I will be without insurance again and I will once again be going back to PP.


Well you can read the conversation yourself, but I’m going to put a few excerpts from it here as well.  A couple things bothered me…well mostly him just telling me that I am flat out wrong because I don’t share his opinion bothered me.




His status stated, “”Planned Parenthood”…if I was hearing of this organization for the first time, I would have thought it was a service that helped people who WANTED to be parents…not prevent it.”

My response was, ” If I heard it for the first time, I would think it was for planning your parenthood. All aspects of it. But I love the place. Helped me out so much when I didn’t have health insurance!”

He then replied, “That’d be great!! …if the place didn’t have a history of racial “purification”, sexism (namely against males), and DEATH in the name of convenience. I don’t give a rip what “help” they offer, as there are other ways to get the same help. There are Christian churches and other places that DO offer the same care or will help you get it.”

I then stated, “I highly doubt I could walk into a church and get a pap smear. Or birth control pills. That’s what they helped me out with. They also gave me tons of information on safe sex. This is back when I was 19 through 21 years old. They are actually wonderful people. Sure they have things against your beliefs but they help more than they hurt.”

It went on from there, of course. All of his responses for me were from his personal beliefs and experiences, which I can understand! That’s what I love about him! He is very firm in his beliefs and nothing can sway him. I just highly dislike that he does not accept the views, opinions, and experiences of others as justifiable.  He says that ” It’s a simple matter of common sense; of understanding the reality of choices, consequences, and what matters MORE.” In other words, if it is not a view he shares, it is wrong. Plain and simple. He is also very arrogant in his views. “So, yes, what I’ve stated is MY opinion, but it also equates to what IS true regardless of the opinion being expressed.” proves that.

After stating that we should agree to disagree, he can’t agree to disagree because my argument had no foundation to it whatsoever. He then went on to say, “You’re not interested in truth or what’s right. You’re in favor of killing babies before they’re even born even though they are INNOCENT? I would give my life to save that of a child who isn’t even MINE.”

Since he made his stance on abortion clear, that life is important no matter what, I asked him if he held the same view on the death penalty. He did not. But it did prompt him to ask me this: “Are you okay with me murdering you? Can I go up and take your life if you are perceived to get in the way of something I want? Would you be okay with that?” This made me laugh first, then I answered his question. “If you wanted to, go right ahead. I can’t stop you. that’s your choice. I don’t know the reasons people choose for murder, but if you wanted to murder me, that is your personal choice. I don’t have a say in that.”

This answer was not what he wanted to hear so he asked me again in a different form, along with a few other questions. At this point I was over the conversation because it was clear that he was not going to just agree to disagree. He wanted me to just share his views. I can’t do that.



I have my own opinions and beliefs, as do all other people in the world. If we can’t agree on it, why can’t we all just agree to disagree?

See everyone else’s point of view, accept it, and move on.

8 thoughts on “Agree to Disagree”

  1. I know a lot of Christians are against Planned Parenthood, but I really think its mostly privileged Christians. I’ve had this conversation with people a few times, and they always bring up how there are other places a woman can get the same help they get from Planned Parenthood. Depending on where you live and how much money you have, there may very well not be ANY OTHER PLACE for a person without insurance to go. Privileged people can’t fathom that. People with easy access to healthcare can’t fathom that. As a Christian I see Planned Parenthood as a blessing for women who would not have access to reproductive healthcare otherwise.


    1. Yeah, I could definitely not afford anywhere else. two of times I went, there were protesters out there and they screamed at me! I sure did scream back that I was getting a pap smear haha!

      Many can’t even afford to even go to planned parenthood for their medical care. I’m lucky enough to at least be able to go there when I don’t have insurance.


  2. Ok, wow! I seriously try NOT to get into these types of conversations at all because they never end well. Someone always gets upset because they don’t know how to agree to disagree. I’m all for PP. I’ve never had to use it, but I’m glad to know it’s there if I ever need it. It always makes me laugh when a man chimes in on WOMEN’S issues. Like they really know…


  3. You’re not allowed to have your own opinions and beliefs. Geez, you should know that by now! :) lol. I’ve heard bad things about Planned Parenthood’s past, but mostly what I heard is from other people on Xanga. I haven’t researched Planned Parenthood myself. But since they’ve helped you and other people, that’s great and I think that’s what matters.


    1. Yeah people who hate pp only pay attention to the fact that they provide abortions. They do way more than only that. I’m glad you learned something!


  4. Lol xanga. No surprise there. Pro life men, bah! Mind your own business and stop legislating what you don’t understand! You can’t legislate morality. The death penalty is different from abortion. Something hasto be alive for you to kill it and we can’t even agree on if an embryo is alive. Just let people make their own choices that are right for them in their situation.


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