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To Maxine

This is something that I wrote originally back in 2009 or 2010. I can’t remember the exact date because originally it was in a paper journal, but since it is FOUR MONTHS from my due date, I decided to share it on my blog once again. Reading this again definitely made me cry. All these words to my daughter still hold true. I love you Maxine. WE love you. Nothing in life will ever change that.

Dear M of the future,


your dad and i love you very much and we don’t even know you yet.
we want everything in your life to be amazing.
we know that you will not want us around all the time,
but just know this:
we are doing everything we possibly can to make sure that when you grow up, you will make the best decisions possible.

everything that we tell you, remember.
everything that we give you, cherish.

your dad and i will not always be around to push you in the right direction
but we trust that you will do just that.
we know you will be smart.
we know you will want to do new things and excel at everything in life.
don’t ever give up.
save every penny of money that you earn.
and most of all,
don’t forget that we will always be in your heart when you need us.
if you ever have a problem, you can come to one of us.
there will be no judging.
we will make sure that you can voice your opinion.
if you feel as if you cant talk to us about something you are wrong.
you can talk to us about anything. ANYTHING!

we don’t even know you yet, but we know that you will have the best life we can possibly give you.
a life full of love is the best thing one could ask for.


one day, years from now we will have you,
and love you,
more than anyone has ever loved their child before.


love, your mom and dad

5 thoughts on “To Maxine”

  1. I’m sitting here crying. This is SO beautiful! I hope you have this written down where Maxine can read it and keep it! :-) I kept journals when I was pregnant with my kids. And when they became adults I gave the journals to them to keep and read.
    HUGS!!! :-)


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