8 questions.

1 When did you find out you were pregnant?
A couple days after valentine’s day.
2. Was this baby a planned event or a wonderful suprise?
3. Oddest food craving this pregnancy?
Cantaloupe because I hate cantaloupe.
4. How many children do you have?
This will be my first :)
5. Name your favorite/and least favorite thing about being pregnant?
I love how much nicer everyone is. I hate not being able to do everything for myself. I can’t even pick things up off the floor, let alone even get up off the floor.
6. What are you naming your baby?
Maxine Elisabeth
7. What indulgence are you most looking forward to after your pregnancy?
Sushi and medium steaks.
8. How do you like your OB or midwife?
I love my new OB! Switching was the best decision I have ever made.


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