Maxine’s Moves

I finally FINALLY got her on video moving around in my belly. Check it out!

6 thoughts on “Maxine’s Moves”

    1. It feels super weird. I don’t enjoy it too much at all, but me and max have poke wars all the time. I poke her, she moves around….I poke her again and she gets mad and pokes me more haha


      1. Oh! I always enjoyed when the baby moved in me…or got hiccups, etc. :-) With my youngest, it felt like she had her toes wrapped around my ribs and was pushing, Ha! She was very active in the womb and active when she came out! :-D


        1. It feels like she’s trying to break out a lot! Especially recently. I swear she’s trying to headbutt her way out.

          When I see her move it reminds me of a horror movie haha


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