It’s Irritating Really



I’m trying to figure out why doing this for your child is a bad thing?

Why are parents so critical of each other?

So what they did that. First child syndrome? Nope, it’s called parenting their own way. If they have a second child, they will probably do the same thing because that is how they parent.

I guess people will tell me that I have First Child Syndrome too when I have my kid and do things my way.

Now don’t get me wrong, Baby Sideburns is hilarious!! But this just struck a nerve this morning.

10 thoughts on “It’s Irritating Really”

  1. That post irritated the shit out of me. Caring for your child is a bad thing now? Taking extra steps to ensure the child is happy and quiet and doesn’t disrupt other patrons’ good time means it’s spoiled? What the shit.


    1. Exactly! I mean, come on, there is nothing wrong with cutting up the food of their child so they don’t CHOKE on their food. Bringing a high chair cover is a very good idea because honestly, those things rarely get cleaned at restaurants between uses.

      Seeing that earlier definitely struck a nerve with me.


  2. Actually I think letting your second child choke sounds like the cure. You know, then you can go back to only caring for your first. (Heavy, heavy sarcasm implied)

    Ahhhhh. That makes me so mad. I will say there are some germ type things that we are much more relaxed about (cart/high chair cover being the biggest) but we didn’t really plan on using one for our first, it was a gift. We thought we’d use it again the second time around because we liked it but then ended up with two babies instead of one and didn’t have another cover or the funds to get one. Long story short, we don’t use it. BUT we wear the twins much more than the FC. We still cut up their food (and they are almost 2. Heck, we still double slice hot dogs for my 4 year old!) We make an adamant point to take more pictures.

    We do use a lot more handmedowns this time but I didn’t have a shower giving me new stuff for free. So we used what we had.

    So that whole post (tweet?) really is just irritating.


  3. Strange. Don’t see anything wrong with that. It is interesting the whole first-born, second-born, oldest/youngest and all that stuff. I do think that my life would have been much different if I’d had another sibling (besides my much older brother, who is ~10 years older.) I do think its irritating when mothers give other mothers shit. It’s just like when women give other women shit in general. Just respect people and support one another.


    1. Exactly. Everyone is going to parent differently. All kids have different personalities. I’m 10 months older than my sister and I don’t have oldest child syndrome haha.


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