Maxine, update

Since I Have a Minute

Maxine is doing absolutely great! She is almost six weeks old and she is about 8 lbs now. She is a champion breastfeeder and she just went through another growth spurt. That was a crazy week. She was up every hour to eat throughout the day AND night. I can always tell when a growth spurt is about to happen now because she will sleep almost the entire 24 hours before it starts.

Maxine can spin herself in a circle when she is laying on her stomach. She still hates being on her back and she still hates the bath. I learned that she loves the shower though! She still is wearing newborn clothes, but the sleepers are getting a little snug for her long legs. Luckily her legs are bent most of the time when she is wearing them because she normally is sleeping when she is wearing one. Her hair is growing in really well and I can’t wait until it is long enough for me to put in pretty hair styles.

1450078_1872823646191684_1323984571_n (6)

I just got my infinity nursing scarf in the mail today! I love it already and when I practiced using it, I realized that this is going to make nursing in public (NIP) incredibly easy for me! It covers everything up and unless someone is staring at me, they won’t even know that I am feeding Max! The one in this picture is the same design as the one I have, but it is not the shop I purchased it from.

2fdc9e6a9b9c8aed8a283e6a89e9bcffAfter this month of breastfeeding and pumping for Maxine, I have decided to upgrade my breast pump. This pump is great, but it is not effective for my needs. This was the perfect pump to start out with. It is called the Medela Swing.

The pump that I am upgrading to is called the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. This will produce more milk in less time and I can pump both breasts at one time rather than one breast at a time. This will cut my pumping time more than in half and the best part is that I will be able to start a freezer stash for when Max.MPNSA001-02

I also am in the process of starting a new job! It is with West Corporation and I am an at-home agent. This job will be great to have for me to bring in income and the best part I get to choose my own hours and still stay home with Maxine! That was my ultimate goal.

I’m really happy with my life right now. Things are always great when you put faith in yourself!!

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      1. Nooo, my mom is coming here, so we probably won’t be back that way until the summer! She’ll be a whole little person by then!


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