6- Ignorant Things People Say About Breastfeeding…

I hear these a lot unfortunately.

Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Why Breastfeeding has turned into such a controversial topic, I will never know. And why people think they get some sort of “say” on how they think someone should feed their child is beyond me. Since starting my page Breastfeeding Mama Talk, almost a year and a half ago, lets just say I have pretty much heard every negative thing in the book that people say about breastfeeding. When I first joined the breastfeeding advocacy world I never knew the extent of the negative stigma that surrounds breastfeeding. I thought I would start a page to maybe help educate woman about the benefits of breastmilk and that would be it. But to think that the support page I created truly has become a place where woman from all over the world got confidence to nurse in public where they didn’t have the confidence before all because of something said…

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3 thoughts on “6- Ignorant Things People Say About Breastfeeding…”

      1. Awww That means a lot!!! Blogging is still so new to me, but I try to put as much effort and time into them because I love that it gives me an outlet to advocate for breastfeeding in a bigger way rather than confined to facebook status’s. Anyway when people share my blogs and or re-blog them it means a lot and motivates me to write even more blogs. <3 So you're helping me too!! ~Kristy


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