Maxine, Pregnancy

Discovering Maxine

So I was looking back at a couple of private entries from when I first found out I was pregnant with Maxine and got all teary-eyed! I was in a dark place before I found out that I was pregnant with her. Something told me to take that test though. I am so glad I did. It was just what I needed.  I’m ready to share these two entries!

A reason to live||February 10, 2013

Just when I though it was no longer worth it.

Just when I though I didn’t matter.

Just when I was giving up.

You happened.

Dear M of the future,
I will meet you in hopefully 8 months.

Dear Maxine Elisabeth or Vincent,

I already love you.

I really hope I don’t lose you.

Please stay
Please don’t go away

Please…keep giving me this reason to live.

I can’t believe it.




Grandma and Grandpa Brown || February 12, 2013

Today I told mom and dad that they are going to be grandparents!!

I got them a valentine’s card that was for grandma and grandpa and added in a “future” and “soon-to-be” in front of the grandparents on the card.

They were shocked and said, “what? I don’t understand. What are you trying to say?” then dad said, “wait, are you pregnant!?”

I told them yes and they were very congratulatory. I think they took it very very well. I am very happy that they know now!

They seemed very happy.


Maxine changed my life SO MUCH. I am so thankful and elated that she is in my life now. She is the greatest gift that my husband and I have ever received and I love watching how fast she is growing. Three months have already flown by. Time, can you slow down now?!

10 thoughts on “Discovering Maxine”

  1. Aw! What a beautiful post! :-) I’m teary-eyed now, too!
    Sadly you can’t slow down time, so enjoy every moment with her! My kids are all grown and on their own, doing great…and they are still my reason to live!
    HUGS to you and Maxine!!! :-)


  2. Awww so sweet!!! I’m glad you had a positive response from your parents! :) Only my father in law & parents remotely cared.

    Time cant slow down yet but pictures & videos help to capture the moments for us! I take so much of Max that when he sees my phone up, he looks at it & poses when I call him. XD Mom was like “Oh Lord, you got him trained for that thing!!:. XD


      1. Yeah! It’s so funny!! He’ll look up & start giggling or smiling. In one video I posted on FB, he was just learning to stand up & when he was doing it in his crib, I was recording him but he didnt notice. When Max realized I was, he started hamming it up by grinning & giggling. I’ll tag you so you can see it!


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