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The 52 Project || 10/52




Maxine, you love when I wear you! These Sakura Bloom ring slings have been life savers lately. When you are in the slings, you are calm and content. You are teething still, but the pain has been too much for you this past week. You’ve have been drooling so much more and the nursing necklaces from The Vintage Honey Shop have been getting extra miles this week. You have been gnawing on the wood ring more than ever and it makes you happy. I am comforted knowing that I can help you feel better. I love you so much!!

You can find Sakura Bloom on Instagram and at their website. You can find The Vintage Honey Shop on Instagram and at their etsy site. Both websites are linked above! I was not paid for these endorsements. I just absolutely love these products and I swear by them!

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