April 2014 Goals

The Internet is wonderful. I’ve made so many new friends thanks to it. My friend (who I’ve known since 6th grade) Michael’s wife Tara is someone who I’ve got to know over the years Thanks to the Internet. I’ve never met her but it feels like I know her so well and I forget that I haven’t met her yet! Every month, she sets goals for herself. It’s such a great idea and I am going to start doing the same!

Goals for April
1. Go for 3 walks a week. (No excuses!)
2. Read one book.
3. Put the clothes that Maxine can’t fit away.
4. Maintain grades in all classes.
5. Book 1 Lia Sophia Jewelry party.

I hope that i can do everything on this short list. In the next few months I hope to make the list longer. Thanks for the great idea Tara!

5 thoughts on “April 2014 Goals”

  1. Good luck with your goals this month! I have been trying to ride my bicycle more since the weather is better, and I would like to blog at least 4 times this month.


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