Maxine, The 52 Project

The 52 Project || 14/52


Maxine, how was that avocado? You made very entertaining faces while you ate it but you ate almost the entire half of it! You love sweet potatoes and pears. Soon you will love avocado as well. You still prefer your mommy milk over everything and that’s perfectly fine with me. I love you Maxie Girl!

3 thoughts on “The 52 Project || 14/52”

  1. That was Nolan’s pea face, lol. He loves sweet potatoes too. If we have french fries, I always bake him some sweet potato fries. The best thing about Nolan eating regular food now, is that I am starting to eat more healthy now too. He is better then me, I have still have some bad habits to break (like regular fires, hehe).


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