May 2014 Goals

Time for my May goals! First, I will start with how my April goals went…

Goals for April

1. Go for 3 walks a week. (No excuses!)— I went for 2 or 3 each week!
2. Read one book.—nope. Didn’t happen.
3. Put the clothes that Maxine can’t fit away—I’ve done that, but now I need to separate more!
4. Maintain grades in all classes—DONE!
5. Book 1 Lia Sophia Jewelry party.-I booked two.



So now for my May goals!

1. Pass all of my finals and classes.
2. Go for 3 walks a week with one walk at a park.
3. Try one new carry with my woven wrap per week.
4. Blog once per week (not 52 project).
5. Become a Volunteer Babywearing Educator.

Hopefully I keep this up!

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