The Tomorrow Project

The Tomorrow Project || Finding Community

Since I’ve become a mother, my life has completely changed.
My demeanor has changed.
My friends have changed.
My relationship with my family has changed.

I love the changes!

Of all these changes, the most important has been the change in friends. I’ve become closer to other moms. Especially my “mommy group.” We all were due in October. We went through our entire pregnancies together. We are watching our babies grow up together. These women help keep me sane! I wish we had all lived closer together. Our conversations range from hilarious to serious. We’ve helped each other through problems. We’ve talked each other off the ledge. These ladies are seriously my best friends! They have helped motherhood be even easier than I ever imagined it could be. I am so grateful for having these women in my life. This community…this mommy club…it is amazing! I love you ladies!

To those who say that online friends are not real friends, you are sorely mistaken and you are missing out on a lot!

2 thoughts on “The Tomorrow Project || Finding Community”

  1. Love, love, love!
    Right back at you, sister.
    And since Thatcher and Maxine WILL be married someday, I can’t wait to raise our grand babies together!


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