“I support breastfeeding, BUT…”

THIS. So many times!!!

from dixie to denali

No. No, you do not.

If you have to include a “but” in there, you are not pro-breastfeeding. Plain. Simple.

This has to be one of my biggest pet peeves.

“I support breastfeeding, but only if you cover the baby/nurse them in a restroom.” You’re high. Would you like to eat your meal in a bathroom, where people crap? I didn’t think so. Why should my child have to? To make YOU more comfortable? Not going to happen. Look away.

“I support breastfeeding, but not past age 2.” Guess what! Breastfeeding is a relationship, a bond, between baby and mother. At what age THEY stop should he determined by THEM. Just because you could not fathom nursing a two year old (or a five year old, if you want to go there), doesn’t mean everyone else in the world has to adhere to your standards. Contrary to popular belief, it…

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2 thoughts on ““I support breastfeeding, BUT…””

  1. What it really comes down to is people want women to stay at home and be confined with their babies. If it isn’t breastfeeding it’s having a baby out in a public place at all that upsets people. It’s so stupid.


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