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Review: Charlie’s Web

So, a few months ago I came across Charlie’s Web on Instagram and I was instantly drawn to the wraps. I’d never had that happen before over Instagram so I made a point to join the Facebook group so I could learn more about these wraps and the weaver. Sandy is very sweet! The though and love she puts into each pattern and design shows and each wrap seems to have a meaning to her.


Each wrap is handwoven by Sandy in Pennsylvania. Pretty neat, right? This was my first venture into handwoven wraps and I was very excited when they arrived at my door. I received two to play with.


The first wrap was a 3.2 meter grey, pink, and white 100% cotton blend. When I first picked up the wrap, it felt a little rough in hand. That was a little unexpected but I went ahead and gave it a wash and impatiently waited for it to dry. FINALLY it dried (and was a little softer). I immediately threw Maxine up in a double hammock rebozo finished with a medium ring. It passed the shoulder test! My bad shoulder took the spread pass like a champ!  Maxine didn’t feel her entire 22lbs in this carry, but I she wasn’t weightless.


The second wrap was a 4.2 meter orange and blue zigzag 100% cotton blend. The colors reminded me of the Denver Broncos, so I named the wrap “Omaha” after Peyton Manning’s favorite saying on the field. I put Maxine up in a rucksack carry and we did a few chores. This wrap rocks a ruck just fine! No budging here! After about 20 minutes I needed to get her down because the shoulders were getting diggy. The next carry I did, I was sure to sandwich the shoulders properly so there was less pain in my picky shoulders.


These wraps didn’t have much stretch or bounce. That was good for keeping Max in one place without a ton of readjusting. After a while, they did get diggy in my shoulder if I did not spread the passes properly. I’m sure with more wearing, these wraps will break in beautifully. If you like wraps that feel thin, these are definitely for you!!  I think out of the two my favorite was the pink and white shorty.

Maxine was snug as a bug in these wraps and many other babies will love being snuggled in them as well!!

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