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Review: Pavo Textiles Duet Rainbow Jade

Recently, I was given the opportunity to take a new Pavo Guild wrap for a spin. I was very excited to try it out! I am pretty new to the world of Pavo Textiles. The only thing I knew about the wrap I was receiving was that it was a green Duet. I heard that there was a sneak peek of this wrap at the International Babywearing Convention but I admit, I missed that post!


When the postman put the package in my hand, I ripped the box open! I couldn’t wait to see the wrap. I was not disappointed at all. Rainbow pinstripes AND an almost shimmery green wrong side? So classy. That was the fastest a wrap has even gone into the wash. I was so ready to give that baby a spin! After what seemed like FOREVER, I finally got to play.


At 63.5 cm wide, it was easy to get Maxine (30 inches, 21 pounds) into a nice seat. The first carry I did with the Duet Rainbow Jade (perfect name, right?) was a sloppy double hammock tied under bum. Wow. It did not budge. I just knew Max would sink down to MY bottom with how sloppy of a job I did. I knew this wrap was great in this moment of FAIL. My favorite carry to do with this wrap is the shepherds carry. It was so hard for my tiny queen of seat popping to wiggle her way out of this carry. Each pass went into its place with some work. I had to make sure that I got each pass where I wanted it for the duration of the carry before I moved onto the next step. This is great because it forces me to slow down and make everything perfect!


Can we discuss knots now? I love a nice huge slipknot! I was not disappointed with Jade at all! F-A-T. This is where that hallelujah emojii would go because YES!!! I love the slipknot. And this wrap held a half-knot perfectly too. I did not need to adjust these knots at all.

duet18 duet6

The Duet that I used is 4.5 meters and 63.5 centimeters wide. It has not been released yet. It is 100% cotton and is a medium weight in hand.  This has a nice, tight weave and it would be hard for this wrap to get a pull. I think it would be great with a tiny baby, but it’s forte will be with toddlers and maybe even your preschooler! It felt great on my shoulders, even when I did not sandwich the shoulders. There is little to no cush, but this wrap doesn’t need it. It is just that comfortable. Zero dig. That’s right, little cush but ZERO DIG. If you like wraps that have some grip and zero slip, this will be great for you! It’s not beastly, but the knot would make you believe otherwise.

I would recommend this wrap to an experienced wearer because it does take a little work to break in. I’ve had this wrap for about two weeks now and it is breaking in so soft. I can’t think of a wrap to compare this to. I’ve worn it every single day. I think the last time I honeymooned this hard with a wrap, I had just received my Tekhni Aplos!

Erin and Jennifer really hit it out of the park with this one. I absolutely love this wrap!

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