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Review: Cassiope Woven Hadara Hepburn

Cassiope Woven is a new woven wrap company out of the Tampa Bay area. Hadara Hepburn is their second release. The beautiful feather design caught my eye early on and I was so happy to receive their sample to test! The wrong side of the wrap is just as beautiful as the right side. My first impression of this wrap in hand was “WHOA that is a heavyweight!” This wrap is definitely toddlerworthy.



The 100% cotton Hadara Hepburn weighs in at 354 g/m2 and is 30 inches wide! It will take a bit of work to break in, but nothing too outrageous. I did a lot of sitting and ring dragging while I had this lovely visitor and It was softening up pretty nicely. I love wide wraps for my 25 lb wiggleworm of a toddler. The first carry I tried was a ruck and with some careful strand by strand tightening, I was able to get it perfect! The width helped me make a nice, deep seat, and in our first up, Maxine went straight to sleep! It was very comfortable on my super picky shoulders. It felt cushy and it even made some pretty cool looking pleats! I also did a front wrap cross carry. I finished it with a half knot and it was very secure! Double hammock was pretty comfortable too. The top rail was a little difficult to get snug in the carries that I did so I had to fold them down where necessary. I’m not a huge fan of folding down the top rail, but I will when I want to make the carry more snug!


There is some diagonal stretch but nothing too hard to work with. The grip is out of this world! It did not glide easily, but passes stayed in place no problem. I think that this wrap would be best for experienced wrappers with toddlers. Maybe once this wrap is completely broken in it would be fine for little babies, but it definitely shines with toddlers and even preschoolers. This wrap is like the lovechild of Tekhni Aplos and Pavo Fable. It stays in place with even the sloppiest wrap jobs! If you like dense and textured wraps with ALL the grip, this wrap is definitely for you.


hadara6hadara7 hadara5hadara8


Be sure to check out Cassiope Woven on Facebook and Instagram! Photography by Rachel Caruana.

3 thoughts on “Review: Cassiope Woven Hadara Hepburn”

    1. I tested a 5/6. The center of the wrap was a different length than the edges. I’m don’t recall if the thickness plate into that. Hopefully their quality is better now. :) [smile]


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