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Review: Kokoskaa Royal Quill Maple



Recently, I got the chance to try out one of the new Tencel® blend wraps from Kokoskaa! Royal Quill Maple is 55% cotton and 45% Tencel® and is from their budget line. I really like the Royal Quill pattern and have tried a couple of the 100% cotton ones before, but this was my first time trying Tencel®. I’m impressed!


When I received the wrap, it felt smooth in hand and almost shined. It is a medium weight wrap. I was afraid that it would be a wrap that kept Max and I sweating but it was very breathable! Another plus is that there were zero wrinkles to deal with. The first carry I did was a short double hammock. At 28 inches, it was easy to get a good seat for all 31 inches and 23 pounds Maxine. The wrap was cushy on my shoulders and only felt better when I spread the shoulders. RQ Maple has a good amount of stretch and it glided pretty easily. 015

I also did a front wrap cross carry tied under bum. I think this shines in front carries. I think so because it has just enough stretch where if she leaned back, the wrap would go right back into place when she snuggled in. Royal Quill makes a nice slipknot! When I did a double hammock rebozo carry, the knot stayed in place. It adjusted easily too.

Royal Quill Maple has such a beautiful pattern. I love this chest pass.

I feel that this wrap would be best in a mid-length. I would recommend this wrap to wrappers who already know a few carries. Royal Quill Maple would be awesome for toddlers but it is so comfortable, I think it would be good for younger babies (not newborn). If you like cushy, breathable, mid-weight wraps with glide, this is a great wrap for you!

When did Maxine get so big!??! Gotta love an arms-out kiddo!

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