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Review: Tanuki Textiles Trane’s Blues


Recently I got the chance to test out a beautiful handwoven wrap by Tanuki Textiles. Trane’s Blues is inspired by John Coltrane’s “Blue Train.” Trane’s Blues is different shades of blue with golden threads woven through. This wrap was instant lust at first wrap.   


Trane’s Blues was easy to wrap with for me. It was very broken in so that helped a lot. I was easily able to strand by strand tighten carries. There was a perfect grip to glide ratio. The wrap was flat but so comfortable on my shoulders. Making a chest pass with this medium weight wrap was pretty easy to do as well. Once wrapped, my 25 pound toddler was absolutely weightless.

I did mostly back carries with this wrap, but it was great in front carries too. It was wide enough to keep all 32 inches of Maxine snug. Future wraps from Tanuki Textiles won’t be as wide. I think this wrap shines in a double hammock.   


I could see this wrap being great in warm weather. It was airy and a medium weight in hand. This wrap will be great for experienced wearers! If you like supportive airy wraps with little stretch, this is the wrap for you! 

I can’t wait to see what’s next!


What do you think?

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