Review: Babylonia BB Sling

Recently I got to try out the Babylonia BB Sling in Lotus Blue! This is a 100% cotton Fair Trade Project ring sling and is great for children from newborn (around 7 lbs/3.5kg) up through toddlers (33ish lbs/15kg)! The BB Sling is offered in padded and unpadded shoulder. I used an unpadded shoulder.

Beautiful, right? I love these colors!

 The shoulder is unique and unlike any other ring sling I have tried before. Once I figured out how best to get it on my broad shoulders, it quickly became my go to carrier! It was a little difficult to get through the rings but as I wore it more, it started to soften up and get easier to adjust.


Look at that seat! It really cupped my shoulder well too.

The fabric was dense but not beastly. This was incredibly supportive for Maxine (28 lbs). It easily spread across my back to help make Maxine not feel so heavy. I did not mind wearing for a long time in this sling. 

Sleepy girl!

This sling will be good for any child–especially toddlers! I feel that a beginner slinger may get a little frustrated at first when using it because it was a little difficult to pull through the rings when adjusting. 

The Babylona BB Sling is under $90. 

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