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Review: Joy and Joe Fluffy Shades of Feathers

Hi!! So this review took a little longer than I planned. Life happened. Death happened. I had a rough few weeks. Super rough. I won’t bore you with the details. ANYWAYS, I made this short quick first impressions review of Joy and Joe Baby‘s Fluffy Shades of Feathers a few weeks ago. It’s only a couple minutes long (and captioned).

Now that I have put the sling through the ringer, it is time for a full review! Let me start off by saying this sling is so so soft. I still can’t get over how soft it is because a cotton machine woven should not be this soft! WOW! This is good and bad. Good because it makes this sling perfect for little babies. Bad because it makes you expect all cotton to be this soft. Wearing Maxine (29 lbs) is not ideal in this sling for long periods of time. Teething has been hard on her and she has wanted up way more than usual so I used this sling because it was fast. Repeatedly wearing her was hard on my shoulder but I think that it was because the shoulder got a little diggy for me with the repeated up and down.

If you look carefully, you can see “JJ” woven into the fabric.

This sling was SO moldable. The fabric was basically a second skin. If moldable is your thing, definitely try out this sling! Fluffy Shades of Feathers was very easy to adjust. Getting it through the rings was no problem at all. It also easily spread across my back.  The gathered shoulder helped this ring sling get a thumbs up from me.

 I would recommend Joy and Joe Baby Fluffy Shades of Feathers to all wearers. It is great for smaller infants, but can get uncomfortable in long periods of time for heavy toddlers. Also, if you enjoy a gathered shoulder, give this sling a spin!

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