Review: Honest Kids

So  a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out Honest Tea through a Klout perk! I fell in love with the tea. When Honest found out that I have a toddler, they offered to send out some Honest Kids juice samples to try with her and I agreed. I expected samples–you know, like a box of one half size per flavor of something. Boy, was I wrong. Honest sent me three full sized boxes of their juice!


Maxine and I were so thrilled! I love this juice. There is zero added sugar. It is sweetened with fruit juice. It is organic. FAIR TRADE.  It is gluten free. It has no GMOs. It’s basically the best juice for kids.  When I first tasted it, it was not as sweet as I am used to but that was expected because it has no added sugar. I gave Maxine a pouch and she drank the whole thing! She seems to like the Berry Berry Good Lemonade the most. My favorite was the Super Fruit Punch.

Honest Kids has a new customer for sure. Great juice! I highly recommend these!

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