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Review: Kokoska KokoSplash Classsic and Deluxe Water Slings

Recently I got to try out two Kokoskaa KokoSplash water slings! The Classic and Deluxe are both mesh water slings. They can be used with babies from 8 pounds to 35 pounds and the Classic can be used up to 40 pounds!

Brittany and Maxine are both looking past the camera in this picture. Maxine is in a blue and pink mesh water ring sling with pink metal rings.

The KokoSplash Classic is a solid water sling that is great through toddlerhood. This sturdy mesh is perfect for wearing in and out of the water. It has plenty of texture and the rings do not budge once locked in place. My daughter is 30 pounds and she definitely did not feel that heavy while up in the sling. While in the water, the aluminum rings did not slip one bit. The mesh dries relatively quickly as well.

Brittany and Maxine are taking a mirror selfie. Brittany is wearing Max in a blue and white water ring sling. Maxine is looking into the mirror and Brittany is looking at the purple phone in her hand.

The KokoSplash Deluxe is a softer, more luxurious mesh than the Classic. This sling is comfier on my shoulder than the Classic and is best for smaller kiddos. This mesh would be perfectly smooshy soft for a tiny baby! With a heavier kiddo, there was a tiny bit of slippage in the rings while trying to adjust the sling while dry, but as long as you are properly tightening, that should be no issue.  The aluminum rings worked excellently while wet! The rings did not budge. This mesh dries relatively fast too.

I would recommend these water slings to everyone! Especially if you enjoy the beach or pool. Showers are made super easy with these water slings too!

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