Facebook has a problem

So me and many of my friends are being harassed on Facebook by some racists. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Everything we say is being reported. This afternoon I got off of a 24 hour ban, only to be put on a 3 day ban hours later.

Facebook is allowing my friends and I to be harassed. They don’t respond to us when we contact about getting our accounts reinstated because we don’t have huge followings and aren’t popular public figures.

Anyways, once again Facebook is allowing racists to have their way. They can call us racial slurs all day but we can’t even say “white people” without getting bans.


I’m going to add more of my bannable comments as well as my friends comments as I get them.

This was on my personal page as a public post. It was shared multiple times.















I was talking about fucking saltines here.

22 thoughts on “Facebook has a problem”

  1. I rarely use my FB except for messenger and haven’t been active/viewing friends’ posts. I’m so sorry that this is happening. It’s repulsive. =(


  2. This is deplorable. I wish we could take this to some kind of news/media outlet and expose Facebook. It’s unbelievable that not only have they done nothing about it, but they are allowing it to continue! I” sorry this is happening to you.

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    1. I honestly don’t think they would care. We aren’t celebs or huge public figures/social media stars/etc. I bet the won’t even check in to see why they are wrong.


      1. I would think someone or media group would be upset or at least interested in so many PoC posts being removed or PoC being banned for absolutely nothing at all. While we all know there is so much heinous shit & people that is allowed to stay. Guess it’s wishful thinking.


  3. I wonder if the Facebook twitter account is ever going to respond. They seem quick to help people not make accidental live videos.


  4. I know this is a serious issue but I laughed long and hard at “They’re not even crackers at this point. They are broken up little crumbs.”

    I am going to join that page and voice my opposition to the racism.


  5. I’m sorry this is happening. You’re right, too – because they’re uncomfortable with some hard truths, their solution is to turn around and make you the problem, rather than take the time to just listen to experiences that aren’t theirs with respect and honor.

    Thank you for this post. It will help me keep my eyes open to others who are being treated as you have been and quicker to identify it and speak up for them.


  6. I really hate that this happened to you. I wish Facebook, as a private company, would choose to voluntarily hold up the values of free speech that our modern world has been founded upon.

    However, I would also support the right for people to make these same exact generalizing/ridiculing posts if you flipped around “black” and “white”.

    I suspect that’s where you and I part ways.

    If I’m wrong, and you would in fact support a white person’s right to post the same thing in reverse (though I think you’re probably describe them as irredeemable racists regardless), then while I might not agree with your view, that would demonstrate admirable consistency.

    Hope I’m wrong. Regardless, I wish free speech for you going into the new year.


      1. What you’re saying is anecdotal. It’s so easy to pander to people who are on the same page, just as those on the other side do: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/07/09/facebook-says-micah-xavier-johnsons-cartoon-cop-throat-slit-doesnt-violate-policies/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/kalevleetaru/2016/05/09/is-facebook-censoring-conservative-news-how-social-media-controls-what-we-see/#75342b3675cc http://www.nationalreview.com/article/435185/facebooks-war-conservative-free-speech

        When both sides are claiming that they’re being censored, and there’s been indisputable examples in each case, then if you don’t want to have a propaganda site, the only reasonable lines to draw would be either to disallow all negative speech (which is idiotic and prevents debate altogether) or to stop trying to determine what is permissible speech.

        When you limit speech to what is “inoffensive”, then you’re subject to the whims of whoever is in power. Inoffensive becomes code for “people who disagree with me politically”.

        Anybody who has any confidence in their views should be happy with free speech for everybody.


          1. I don’t understand – are you a robot? Can you not read the context around a link? Or are you as ignorant as the numbskulls on campuses who have, for example, banned black students from using the n word in a jarring way to protest racism against black people?

            Where in the world did I state that I agreed with Breitbart? I don’t agree with almost anything they say. Nor do I agree with most of what you say. You both sound like a bunch of racists. I just defend you because I hate censorship way more than I hate the ridiculous things that you say (or the ridiculous things that Breitbart says).

            But missing your respect is no great loss, because who wants respect from an Orwellian thinker? I think it’s pretty clear by now that you want the opposite of the situation you’re framing here. You scream injustice in a hypothetical situation (leaving whether it’s valid aside) where a big, powerful company takes away your voice and gives voice to people saying things just as nasty in the other direction.

            And you’re absolutely right that it’s unjust. But I suspect that you wish the situation were reversed and that they’d be silenced instead. And that’s the kind of crap that won Trump the election.

            If the left and the right both rush to censorship, the country is in awful shape going forward. So thanks for that.


        1. I disagree. There is certain speech that should not be allowed in decent society, or on Facebook. It is one thing to disagree with another persons point of view…it is entirely another thing to disparage and impugn the chartacter of someone you disagree with, and it is completely beyond the ale to use hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist terms with the deliberate intent to hurt another’s feelings.

          Fucking people have committed SUICIDE over shit like this!!! At what point do we finay say that this stuff just is wrong, annd should not be allowed?

          Hell, I have had people try to goad me into suicide on FB. They do not know I am far tooo stubborn to ever give them what they want…when I go it will be in a way THEY can take no satisfaction from. Not evveryone is as strong as I am though…nor should they have to be.

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  7. I feel ya. As a trans woman, I get the same shit. Peope get to crap all over me and I rarely report…yet, whenever I do…I am always told the cotent does NOT violate standards…and I keeo asking them what level it has to rise to before it DOES…or if they actually HAVE standards…or more likely two sets of stanndards…ne for those who check all the “approved boxes” – yaknow, white, hetero, christian, male, cisgender…but someone like ME…that checks onky one of those “approved boxes” and possibly two – depending on your perception of me, it seems I am required to acceot far more abuse than my white counterparts who are hetero male, christians and cisgender…

    I check the “white” box, not that it’s eer done ME any good in this life…I never got any white privelege…the only thing I got was a slightly less raw deal that I wukda got if I also wasnt white. So I get where you are coming from. The other box I check (depending on your percetion) is “hetero” as I am a trans woman who is in a relationship with a man.

    Now if you are one of the people that hates people like me, then you probaby do not accept me as a woman thus you do not accept my checking th “hetero” box…and therefore, the only one they for sure can’t argue is the “white” box.

    I am personally not proud of many of my white counterparts that are insensitive to how systemmic discrimination affects muy POC sisters and brothers. As one who is, for different rreasons…also persecuted by society, I have more sympathy with my POC sisters and brothers than my white ones, truth be known.


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