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Review: Ankalia Anisoptera Dusk 

I finally got to try Ankalia Anisoptera Dusk! Their Anisoptera design is one that I really enjoy because drangonflies have always fascinated me. The blend on this wrap is 52% cotton 48% extra fine merino and I tried it out in size base -1.  I have a sensitivity to wool so I tried as hard as possible not to have the wrap touch my skin but when it did, it didn’t hurt like wool normally does. It was only slightly prickly to me.

I grabbed Anisoptera Dusk for carries with Maxine (38ish lbs) more than with Minerva (12?lbs). It was so supportive with Max in multilayer carries such as double hammock tied under bum and Maxine’s back carry. I mostly MBC with Max in base -1. I tried a front wrap cross carry and a ruck with Maxine to see how Dusk held up to it, and for a quick carry it did the trick BUT I would not do single layer carries long term with her. With Minerva, I did a bunch of front wrap cross carry. She was pretty weightless in the carry!

This wrap requires next to no breaking in. It has great bounce and molds to us incredibly well. Dusk was very smooth and was lacking in the texture department, so if excellent glide and no grip is your thing, you will LOVE this. I think that the thickness (medium weight) would be slightly overwhelming for a new baby, but with my 6 month old it was perfect. If you are like me and use your wraps in all conditions, I’d skip this wrap because this is one that you need to care for gently.

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