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Tutorial: Meh Dai Back Carry

Meh dais are some of the most comfortable and versatile carriers that I have ever tried! When I use one, I prefer long straps that I can use to tie in the back or give myself a fancy finish. In this post, I will demonstrate how to do a back carry using the Soul Kiwi on Black Chambray meh dai!

Here is how to do that:

Get your meh dai and put the inside panel out, then tie that around your back tightly in a double knot.

Put child on your back

Pull panel over child so the straps are over your shoulders. Adjust so child is centered in carrier.

Pull straps down under your arm, over the closest leg, and under the next. You can spread the straps if your meh  dai allows for extra support.

Tie off in front! You can do a double knot or other finishes. I tied knotless spread Tibetan

And there you have it! That is how you do a back carry in your meh dai!

Here is a handy graphic you can save or use for Pinterest!


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