Babywearing: Awemama

Have you heard of Awemama yet? They are a new babywearing subscription program that I am extremely excited about! They just launched and I had the privilege of trying the service out in advanced. I was asked about what  carrier type I preferred, what size I like, the fabric, allergy information, and a few more questions. After that, Awemama handpicked a carrier to send me.

I did not know in advanced what was being sent so I watched tracking like a hawk. When it arrived, I immediately opened it and WOW WOW WOW inside was a new wrap from one of my favorite babywearing companies! Bijou Wear Plaidass Bravo!! Bravo is an Awemama exclusive and to my surprise, I was sent my base size–9!!

For $29.95 per month, you get to try out a carrier for up to 28 days and you can either buy the carrier (minus the initial $29.95 since that was already paid) or send it back to try another. This is such a convenient way to try all the carriers! When you buy a wrap from a retailer and it isn’t love, you usually cannot return it. This is an excellent alternative! The carrier comes washed and ready for wear. Awemama also keeps up on carrier maintenance so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Bijou Wear Plaidass Bravo is such a stellar wrap! It is a double weave 100% cotton wrap in a gorgeous merlot and gray. This was a really comfortable wrap with Minerva (20 lbs) AND Maxine (~40 lbs) so that was a plus. I comfortably did a single layer carry with Max which really blew me away. Bravo also helped my double hammock be rock solid with Minerva. This wrap great for heavy babies and toddlers. 

Thank you so much Awemama for letting me be a part of your launch!! You all are going to go far!!


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