The 52 Project

The 52 Project || Year of Me: 7/52

So this wellness journey has been going swimmingly! I made an Instagram account to keep myself accountable and also so that I’ll be able to have some people cheer me on! The support of my friends means SO MUCH to me. I love that so many people care about my wellness just as much as I do. I did deal with the loss of a dear friend because they inserted themself in my journey and tried to make it about them. When I told them that they were acting out of line, they went F U L L F R A G I L E. They didn’t understand how they were centering themself in MY journey. They claimed that I was doing it because I didn’t like how THEIR body looked. They claimed that since I might lose weight, that I hate my body. All of that untrue so After trying to break it down for them while sick when I should have been resting, I decided to just throw in the towel. My journey is about me listening to my body and taking care of it the way that I need. Part of that is cutting people who don’t support me out of my life. Wellness doesn’t look the same for everyone. I LOVE that about my journey. There will never be another with an identical journey to mine.

I had no goals last week which was great because I ended up with the stomach bug that’s been going around. This week my goals are to find and buy a multivitamin that matches what I need and to close all three rings on my Apple Watch 4 times.

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