The 52 Project

The 52 Project || Year of Me: 15/52

I spent the past week sick. Bronchitis and sinusitis. The whole week was rough for me! There was lots of fever and sleeping and pain and just all over misery. I was on antibiotics as well. Now my kids are sick with what I had I’m guessing. They are now in the too-much-coughing stage. It’s my short work week and I have super fun plans for the girls this weekend AND I’ll get to go out with friends this weekend too.

Basic goal this week: GET BETTER. And find an allergist and make and appointment for that.

The 52 Project

The 52 Project || Year of Me: 13/52

This past week I:

Changed up my portion sizes because I was eating WAY too much at a time and I’ve seen immediate changes.

Got back to the gym versus just working out at home because I think I’m used to my medications now.

Worked my long week.

Spent time with the girls.

Goals this week: continue the meal size chop. Gym two more times.