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Soul Mate: Which Soul is for You?

As everyone should know by now, I am a HUGE FAN of Soul! The brand has a pretty fun community and the equally amazing carriers make up a decent part of my collection. Soul has been such an important part of my journey that I am a brand ambassador for them! I love that I can loan my carriers out to wearers of all sizes because their carriers are pretty generously sized. Have you wondered which Soul carrier would be a good match for you? Well let’s figure that out!

image of several colorful baby carriers strewn across a table

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Babywearing: Awemama

Have you heard of Awemama yet? They are a new babywearing subscription program that I am extremely excited about! They just launched and I had the privilege of trying the service out in advanced. I was asked about what  carrier type I preferred, what size I like, the fabric, allergy information, and a few more questions. After that, Awemama handpicked a carrier to send me.

I did not know in advanced what was being sent so I watched tracking like a hawk. When it arrived, I immediately opened it and WOW WOW WOW inside was a new wrap from one of my favorite babywearing companies! Bijou Wear Plaidass Bravo!! Bravo is an Awemama exclusive and to my surprise, I was sent my base size–9!!

For $29.95 per month, you get to try out a carrier for up to 28 days and you can either buy the carrier (minus the initial $29.95 since that was already paid) or send it back to try another. This is such a convenient way to try all the carriers! When you buy a wrap from a retailer and it isn’t love, you usually cannot return it. This is an excellent alternative! The carrier comes washed and ready for wear. Awemama also keeps up on carrier maintenance so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Bijou Wear Plaidass Bravo is such a stellar wrap! It is a double weave 100% cotton wrap in a gorgeous merlot and gray. This was a really comfortable wrap with Minerva (20 lbs) AND Maxine (~40 lbs) so that was a plus. I comfortably did a single layer carry with Max which really blew me away. Bravo also helped my double hammock be rock solid with Minerva. This wrap great for heavy babies and toddlers. 

Thank you so much Awemama for letting me be a part of your launch!! You all are going to go far!!


Be sure to follow Awemama on Facebook and Instagram! Also, join their Facebook group.

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Soul Mate: Doll Carriers

We only have a few warm days left before we have to bundle up to play outside. Maxine decided today would be a great day for her and Minerva to head outside to play.

Maxine and Minerva holding hands walking down the driveway. Maxine is wearing a toy in  a red and black carrier and minerva is wearing a black and white ikat print carrier

Maxine suggested that they play with their babies outside, so of course I helped them get their babies uppy back! Maxine chose the Soul Imperial doll buckle carrier. I put the Eclipse Ikat doll meh dai on Minerva. Soul sent them these carriers and they are loved so much around here!

maxine staring at the camera in a black and red carrier that is holding daniel tiger on her back

I think Minerva enjoyed having the baby on her back. Especially since she could hold the doll AND all of her chalk at the same time.

minerva grinning at the camera with a doll on her back in a meh dai

Do the children in your life have doll carriers? I’d love to see your pictures! Tag #BrittBrownMarsh on Instagram and Facebook so I can see!

black and white image of maxine and minerva on a slide


close up image of a chest buckle. the buckle reads "soul" and the o is a heart.
This buckle has to be my favorite accent <3



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Review: Easy Feel Products SSC

Easy Feel Products is a company out of Gurgaon, India that I was introduced to through Tandem Trouble!  During my time as an ambassador for the brand, I’ve had a great amount of time to use this carrier and it turns out that I like the carrier a lot! Even after my ambassadorship is over, I will be using this carrier. Now onto the review!

I first received this carrier in the Terrracotta colorway in February when Minerva was eight months old and she was just big enough to fit it comfortably! Then it was super easy to carry her comfortably. As she’s grown, she has continued to feel weightless in this carrier. She is currently 20 lbs and about 29 inches long.

Minerva hooks brittany's mouth with her finger while Brittany winces. Minerva is being worn in a burgundy ikat print carrier

The padding in this carrier is phenomenal! It is firm and molds to my shoulders. The  position of the shoulder strap adjuster makes this extremely easy to adjust in front and back carriers which is part of why I like this carrier so much. This carrier also has perfect fit adjusters (PFAs) which help the carrier fit more snug and also makes nursing in the carrier easy for me.

Brittany looks down at minerva smiling while wearing minerva in a burgundy Ikat print buckle carrier

Minerva could ride arms in and out in this carrier. This carrier does not allow you to cross straps or hip carry.  The weight  range is 15-45 lbs (7-20 kg) and it comes in a wide variety of  beautiful designs. It is made of 100% handwoven heavy bottom-weight cotton Ikat which is very light weight yet very sturdy and comfortable. It is excellent in warm weather. It is also easily machine washable.  I recommend this carrier to wearers of all skill level.

Brittany is nursing Minerva in a burgundy carrier. The sun glows behind them.

Be sure to check out Easy Feel Products on Facebook and Instagram! Also, join their Facebook Group, Cuddles & Snuggles with Easy Feel!

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Sizing: MJ Baby Carrier Baby VS Standard VS Toddler/Big Kid

We are trying out MJ Baby Carriers! I was pretty impressed by the sizes so I wanted to toss Maxine in both carriers to show you just how big these carriers are. They offer three sizes–Baby, Standard, and Toddler/Big Kid. We have all here visiting!.

Maxine is 40 lbs and 41 inches tall. She is in 4T and 5T clothing

Baby MJ Baby Carrier dimensions:

Seat: 13 inches

Body Panel width at widest point: 16 3/4 inches

Body Panel Height: 14 inches

Weight Limit: 8 lbs – 45 lbs

baby backbaby front

Standard MJ Baby Carrier dimensions:

Seat: 14 inches

Body Panel width at widest point: 18 1/2 inches

Body Panel Height : 15 inches

Weight limit: 18 lbs – 45 lbs

back standard front standard

Toddler/Big Kid MJ Baby Carrier dimensions:

Seat: 16 inches

Body Panel width at widest point: 21 1/2 inches

Body Panel Height: 17 1/2 inches.

Weight limit: 25 lbs – 50 lbs.

back big kid front big kid

Pretty impressive right? Review coming soon!



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Review: Ethos Babywearing Toile Bleu

Have you heard of Ethos Babywearing ? They’ve been around for a couple of years and have some innovative blends for their wraps! They also have a pretty cool convertible soft structured carrier. Today, I’m going to tell you about my time with this beauty–Toile Bleu.

When I first grabbed this budget BreatheBlend wrap out of the bag, I was shocked by how thin but dense it felt! It is a whopping 325 GSM. Toile Bleu needed some work and I was up to the challenge! Maxine (~40 lbs) and Minerva (~20lbs) both had plenty of time up in this beauty.  This wrap breathes so well and I really enjoyed it on our humid days especially. It was very grippy which helped me keep my seat popping queen (Minerva) in place once I tied off a carry.

This wrap was in my base size, so I got to try all my favorite base carries! I double hammocked almost every day that this wrap visited. Toile Bleu is ideal for me with double hammock because though it was super grippy, the passes moved easily for me and stuck in place once I moved onto the next step. I also enjoyed this with front wrap cross carry with the passes spread. I rarely do FWCC with spread passes, but this wrap made it a need for me! This wrap had some amazing shoulder pleats as well. It was flat and comfortable on my shoulders.

I recommend this wrap to more experienced wearers and also to those with heavy kiddos! Also, if you love grip you will LOVE Ethos Toile Bleu! This budget wrap is $145 for a size 9 which is great compared to size 9’s elsewhere.

Be sure to check out Ethos on Facebook and Instagram. Also, check out their Facebook group, Wear Ethos

Extra special THANK YOU to Ethos for your generous donation of this wrap to the Babywearing International of Hampton Roads lending library! Thank you, thank you, thank you!